Upcoming Events


1/19 to 1/23
Groove Cruise [Miami, Florida]

The Marvelous Marvin himself will be embarking on Groove Cruise a world-class festival experiences for lovers of dance music.

Our Wicked Lady [Brooklyn, New York]
The Brooklyn FFBJ crew is setting up for a fun night of michief and homie gambling game. 


2/2 to 2/5
Gem & Jam Music Festival [Tuscon, Arizona]
Find Valentine and our yellow trailer 'Goldie' at the 15th annual festival at Pima County Fairgrounds. 

2/10 & 2/11 

Heartbreak Hotel [Pougkeepsie, New York]
‘Heartbreak Hotel’ is a multi-room, 5,000 sq. ft. artist installation, performance space, casino, comedy showcase, restaurant, and bar
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2/16 to 2/19 
Love Burn [Miami, Florida]
Our large Casino set-up will be setting up camp at Love Burn. A Regional Burning Man camping event for friends to grow a happy, prosperous community that encourages interactive art.

MARCH 2023

3/2 - 3/5 
Okeechobee Music Festival  [Okeechobee, Florida]
Bigger and better FFBJ Wagon Town is coming to the OMF experience. Sunshine Grove in Florida with 4 days of camping, arts, wellness, and 6 stages showcasing talented musical artists.