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Marvelous Marvin
Founder and Magic Maker

Looking for a game? I bet you won't find another one quite like this one. Step right up and place a bet, but there's one catch: there's no money allowed. So what do you have? What's in your pockets? The game's Frick Frack Blackjack and it's a No Cash No Limit barter blackjack game where you can bet me anything in the world except money. The name’s Marvelous Marvin and I’ll be your dealer. I'm a trader and collector of sorts and some have called me a hustler and a gambler, but I don't want your money, I'm after your shoelaces. Think you've got what it takes to beat me at my own game? Step right up then and let's play.

Frick Frack Blackjack revolves around the concepts of value and bartering. Within both of those elements lies a conversation and an interaction between two people. I have an array of items to choose from and the bet can be as big as that fancy necklace around your neck or the hat on your head, or it could be as small as a joke or a dare to amuse myself and the crowd. Kiss a friend, throw your shoes into the distance, or maybe get down on one knee and ask a stranger to marry? All seem like fine bets to me, let's figure out the worth between the two of us.

As an ever-evolving installation and comedy show Frick Frack Blackjack continues to add new elements and characters are to customize each show experience and enhance our gameplay. A “high roller” may stop at the table and up the ante with a ridiculous bet or the “pit boss” may step in for a thorough appraisal. Our goal is to provide a unique experience that changes not only nightly but between each hand that is dealt and each barter that is made.

When monetary worth is no longer the determining factor, then what makes something valuable? The game helps to teach people to reevaluate the value of what they have outside of a monetary construct and instead see it in real terms. It also allows an avenue for one to separate out the things in their life they love vs. everything else.

We have multiple different gypsy wagon set ups that we can bring to any outdoor event in the country. These "wagons" are built on trailers and take minimal set up time and can function remotely. We have done whole Casino environments and can bring the whole kit and kaboodle with multiple gambling games, carnival games with prizes, and a lounge. Alternatively, we can also set up at an indoor event with a minimal set up in a corner with just a table and a backdrop. Interested in Frick Frack in any way? Contact us and let's make a wager.

Marvelous Marvin
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